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Columbia River Guide Service 
Offers several different trip packages to accommodate all angler's needs.  We primarily fish the Columbia River and it's tributaries from it's magnificent estuary (B10) to Bonneville Dam... all the way to the upper free flowing stretches of the Historical Hanford Reach. Angler's of all skill levels and ages welcome.  Contact us today and let us customize the perfect trip for you and your crew.
$200.00 + tax PER PERSON 
$800.00 + tax BOAT PRICE
$125.00 + tax PER PERSON 
$600.00 + tax BOAT PRICE
$90.00 + tax PER PERSON 
$500.00 + tax BOAT PRICE
Columbia River Spring Chinook are one of the Pacific Northwest's most prized catches due to their great taste, high fat content and hard fight. They are the first of the Columbia River's salmon to run. While they start to enter the river system as early as February... Bulk of the run doesn't show till late April early May. Not known for their size but mainly taste and fight... these salmon range
in size from 8 to 20 pounds with an occasional 20+ pounder! 
Columbia River Summer Chinook or sometimes known
as "June Hogs" are normally just that... HOGS! They are destine for the upper reaches of the Columbia River and
are genetically packed full of omega fats/oils so they can make their incredibly long voyage. If seasons permit... they are interceptable as they pass through the months
of June and into July. These fish are some of the most incredible species we encounter during the year. It's
more of a quality over quantity fishery. Fat, stocky,
delicious and simply P.O.ed best describes this species.
Best known for their size and fight these fish are right up there as being the best eating salmon on the Columbia River. These salmon average in size from 14 to 20 pounds with an occasional 30+ pounder! 
Columbia River Summer Steelhead pound for pound fight harder than any other species the Columbia River
has to offer. With a long slender torpedoed shaped body and a very large proportional tail fin they are genetically built for speed and performance. They are often more known for their cart wheeling acrobatic fight... these fish are amazing table fair. We use several different
techniques to fish for this specie. These fish average in
size from 5 to 12 pounds with an occasional 15+ LB fish! 
Columbia River Sockeye Salmon have the reddest of red meat of all salmon and are known for their world famous table fair. If you don't like the taste of Chinook salmon
but have yet to try sockeye... you need to. It's a milder tasting fish that is simply hard to cook wrong. We pursue these smaller tasty salmon with light tackle.  Normally we get generous limits for this specie and the action can be pretty fast paced. Doubles and triples are common. 
These fish average in size from 2 to 5 pounds.
Columbia River Fall Chinook enter the river starting in August kicking off the largest and most anticipated sport fishery in the Pacific Northwest... "Buoy 10". From there hundreds of thousands of these kings migrate up river to their tributaries providing endless opportunities to fish. While angling for these kings you just never know what your next bite might bring. On any given bite could just
bring the fish of a life time. During the peak of this run... limits and doubles are common. We specialize targeting these kings in the Columbia River Gorge and Hanford Reach. These kings average in size from 12 to 20 pounds with larger kings pushing 30 pounds and the occasional
40+ pound fish.  
COHO SALMON  August-November
Columbia River Coho Salmon are the last run of salmon to enter the Columbia. While they start to enter the Columbia in mid August they can run late into November. Even though these fish aren't as large as their cousins (chinook) pound for pound these fish flat put it on. They are known for their aggressive bites and acrobatic cart wheels. Pursue these fish with a lighter rod and you have a recipe that during the fight is guaranteed to smile on any angler's face. They are excellent table fair providing a milder taste. These fish average in size from 5 to 10 pounds with an occasional 
15+ pound trophy.